Who takes your photos?

My husband, Nick, takes basically all of my photos. On the rare occasion that someone else shoots my look, it is noted. Very occasionally I will take my own product photos; however, if you don’t see a photo credit at the end of a post it’s pretty safe to assume that Nick took them.


What camera/lens do you use?

We shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III with a 50 mm F/1.8 lens. We love the 5D Mark III but are looking to upgrade lenses soon.

For Instagram photos, we shoot with our Canon, the Samsung NX300M, or our iPhone 5s (upgrading these soon, too). The Samsung works well because it’s lightweight, travels well, and takes pretty impressive pictures. Our favorite thing about it is the built in Wi-Fi capabilities that allow us to easily transfer pictures to our phones on the go.


How tall are you?

I’m not tall at all.  I’m about 5’0”. ; )


I love your hair! Tell me everything!

Right now my hair is some sort of lob with some leftover blonde ombre at the ends. I absolutely love ombre but I’ve been trying to give my hair a little bit of a break. Having ombre hair requires some care. One of my most popular posts ever (in terms of pageviews) is on how to care for ombre hair.


I want to start a blog. Do you have any tips for someone just starting out?

I get emails and messages about this all the time but I don’t really consider myself any kind of expert on the subject. I have learned a couple of things in my blogging career though and my best advice is to just get started. I wanted to start a blog for years but I could never go through with it until Nick reminded me that I could either start now and get the awkward phase over with or start a year from now and look back thinking, “I wish I had just started then.” I know it seems so simple, but that’s my biggest piece of advice. There are tons of great resources out there. Google and Pinterest will be your best friends. Spend some time thinking about your niche and your name because these will probably stick with you for a while. Otherwise, it’s good to invest in some decent camera equipment and start networking ASAP.