Nursery Peek + Christmas Gift Ideas for the Expectant Couple

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Lately it seems like life has been completely consumed by baby. I know, I know…that includes blog life. Back to regularly scheduled programming soon, I swear. But honestly, I love this phase of life and am so excited to welcome our little in just a couple months. It has definitely meant a shift in perspective, though. With Thanksgiving behind us, Black Friday here, and Christmas right around the corner, I’m getting in the mood for all the holiday shopping. However, because we are expecting, our Christmas wish list looks just a little bit different than most years and most of the stuff on our list is for baby. I know some people who don’t necessarily want baby things for Christmas when they are expecting. But for me, I really just want for people to get us stuff off of our registry because babies are EXPENSIVE and if people want to help, I’ll take it. If you’re trying to find Christmas gifts for someone who is expecting, I have a few suggestions.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Expectant Couple

Nick and I have been working diligently on the baby’s nursery for a while now and have realized that babies need LOTS of stuff. And that stuff costs A LOT of money. We had a pretty good head start on our nursery because I already knew pretty much exactly what I wanted. Nick told me early on to style the nursery how I wanted because I’d undoubtedly be spending a lot of time in there. So I decided to keep it mostly in the style of the rest of our home – white, grey, brushed brass, and natural wood are my typical preferences. I chose green and peach as our accent colors before we knew the gender (announcing right here next week) and bought myself this amazingly cozy blanket to cuddle up in the glider (I have the blanket in 4 other colors as well) and I picked out my favorite Jellycat stuffed animals as well.

We were recently able to tick a few big things off our list from Brentwood Home (see our new dog beds here). We love Brentwood Home products so much. They make incredible mattresses and we were thrilled to add a Brentwood infant/toddler mattress to our nursery. We chose the Wildfern 2-stage crib mattress because it has a firm organic coconut-husk layer for infants and a plush organic latex layer on the other side for your toddler. I love that this mattress is natural and will be able to grow with my baby. We also picked up the Sweet Pea Changing Pad and the Honeysuckle Nursing Pillow and we love both. Some of our close friends in the area have a sweet one year old so we’ve been able to test them out with a real baby and they are approved! Both the changing pad and the nursing pillow have removable covers that have precious nursery song lyrics on them – I love it! All these items have been checked off our registry and, as an expectant mother, I can attest that I would be thrilled to receive any of these as a Christmas gift. Shop the rest of this post below for some more ideas for what to buy for Christmas for the expectant couple.

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If you’re looking to purchase anything from Brentwood as a gift (or for yourself – I won’t tell), you can use code ‘AMOR’ for 15% off your purchase!

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Now that we’ve got the basics in the nursery, we’re moving on to some fun stuff – decor! We’re also at the point now where we need other baby essentials like a crib, a stroller, and clothes. What are your favorite baby products? We welcome all suggestions!

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Thank you so much to Brentwood Home for collaborating on this post. All opinions are my own.

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